Integration To Your Transaction System
Dynamic Commission Management
Commission Disbursement & Check Writing
Receivables, Payables & Invoicing

AcctFusion Features

Our automated features will change your work load. Accounting software with all the time-saving tools that allow you to focus on your business.

Process invoices & write checks

Create professional recurring invoices and write checks to anyone. Ask us about our new eChecks!

Reconcile fast and complete double entry bookkeeping

Import and categorize your latest banking commissions and transactions.

Commission Management - Automatic Plan Calculations

Accelerate your invoicing while tracking commissions and expenses.

Manage bills & expenses

Control your cash flow by scheduling payments and easily organizing expenses.

Manage Successful Transactions to Commission Payout

AcctFusion is a new, easy to use online time Accounting solution. With a single button, push all property commission data, line itemed into AcctFussion's double entry accounting system to cut checks and reconcile accounts.

  • One-click push from commission manager into line item entries
  • No accounting knowledge needed. We do the work for you.
  • Agents are Vendors and Customers allowing for all accounting needs.
  • Write eChecks and Reconcile your accounts.
  • Commission account will automatically write eChecks and distribute to operating account.

Corporate Infrastructure to Manage Multiple Offices.

AcctFusion is a new, easy to use online time Accounting solution. With a single button, push all of your property commission data, line itemed into AcctFussions double entry accounting system to cut checks and reconcile.

  • Automatically create, fill and sign 1099's or batch upload to the IRS.
  • Corporate accounting infrastructure to manage multiple offices
  • Set customized expenses for offices commissions to be paid to corporate.
  • Manage and set commission structures at a corporate level for all office transactions.

Manage Your Income & Expenses

AcctFusion is a better way to manage your Accounting.

  • Agent receivables separated from other receivables and transaction receivables.
  • Expense approvals, transaction payables and vendor payables separated for easy viewing.
  • Recurring expenses

Powerful Reporting

Stay on top of your business with useful reports. Understand where money is being spent and how your business is really doing.

  • Gain real-time insight into performance and profitability.
  • Understand progress and trending through reports.
  • Learn about your receivables and your agents commissions.
  • Drill into any piece of your accounting system through the advanced feature.
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Receivables, Cash Flow, Income Statements, Trending Reports and more...


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Affordable Pricing Plan

Simple Pricing for any sized office, company, franchise or enterprise.
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Small Brokerage

  • Free Updates and Cloud Backups
  • Create & Fill 1099's
  • Cloud Backup
  • Canadian and American Accounting
  • Dynamic Commission Management
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Medium Brokerage

  • Everything from Small Brokerage +
  • Multiple Locations
  • Agent And Team Commission Tracking
  • 24 Hours Support
  • Print Check or email eChecks
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Large to Multi-Office

  • Everything from Medium Brokerage +
  • Corporate Branding
  • Franchising Model For Unlimited Offices
  • Unlimited eChecks
  • 1099 Fire Files Integration to IRS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of frequent questions are here for your help:

AcctFusion is made to integrate with your current transaction system. Acctfusion integrates with other transaction management companies which allows you to manage your Transaction flow straight into Commission Management and Accounting.
You can use AcctFusion alone as a complete Real Estate Accounting System or you can get AcctFusion integrated into your preferred Transaction Management System. With the integration, you will be able to push directly from your Tranaction Management System into AcctFusion where agents, commissoins and anything Payable from that agent can be managed before checks can be cut and sent out.
No, this system is an enterprsie application that can scale as large as your organization wants to be from an accounting persepective. However, you will need additional tools to manage your transactions, CRM, dynamic commissions, forms, eSignatures and other things which is why we partner with some great applicatioins like RealtyAPX.

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